In the plant kingdom there is a varied amount of plants, which through the observation of a non-specialized person may seem of the same species, family or origin. However, when the vegetable is necessary to give activity to a raw material for a specific purpose, it is very important to be able to distinguish with a strict criterion what type of plant is being used. For this reason, in the development of our assets, we have in our team, a botanical biologist who is responsible for analyzing all vegetables based on a criterion of quality, safety and efficacy.

For this, all our products carry our logo of Botanical Identity Certification.



Omega Max™

Concentrate of oils rich in essential fatty acids, source of omega 3, 6, 7, 9 and Vitamin E, which makes the product an excellent complement for the well-being of the skin and the hair


Obtained from a combination of Plant Proteins from different sources such as Soy, Wheat and Maize, in which an amino acid composition is achieved in similar proportions to those found in human hair Keratin fibers.

Zinc Sebum™

Zinc peptides with astringent and sebonormalizing action. Acne treatment and oil control. Provides hydration and decongestive action on skin and scalp.


Active cosmetic ingredient for the treatment of fine, weak hair, with tendency to fall and without shine. Standardized in Polyphenols


Concentrate of vegetable oils with great benefits for skin and hair. Moisturizes, softens and protects the skin from aging caused by external damage. It improves the condition of dry and sensitive skins. Provides shine and lightness to dry and mistreated hair. Protects against sunlight and other external aggressions.


Cosmetic ingredient for the treatment of tired and telangiectasia (spider veins) legs.

It activates blood circulation, increases venous and lymphatic flow and improves cellulite.

Standardized in coumarins.


Active cosmetic ingredient rich in minerals of vegetal origin for the treatment of aged and "tired" skins. Plant sensory modifier. 


Active cosmetic ingredient for the treatment of cellulite, weight loss and poor circulation. Standardized in L - Carnitine

Phytoscreen™ Patagonia 

Phytoactive multiethnic cosmetic ingredient for use in hair. With photoprotective action of broad spectrum (UVB + UVA), brightness enhancer, color protector, anti-aging and preservative of elasticity. Standardized in Quercetin


Liquid active rich in menthol and camphor, topical. It has antipruritic, antiseptic and slightly analgesic properties. Thanks to its state of liquid aggregation, it facilitates the tasks in the operative processes.


Active cosmetic ingredient for the treatment of hair. It hydrates and removes frizz, giving life and shape to the hair. Standardized in Steviosidos

Phytoscreen™ Gold

Active cosmetic ingredient, which naturally enhances the blond, golden and light tones of the hair fiber, also increases brightness and luminosity.

Standardized in Curcumin


Active concentrate of vegetable origin, to reduce measures, redefine the silhouette and combat cellulite. Promotes the production of collagen and elastin, greatly improving the appearance of the skin.

Standardized in L - Carn


Low molecular weight cosmetic active formed by the combination of Plant Proteins from different sources. By its characteristics allows a greater absorption and repair of damaged collagen and is an excellent substitute for collagen of animal origin.


Active cosmetic ingredient for the corporal and capillary treatment. Nourishes and fortifies, rich in minerals and natural biofactors.


Caffeine concentrate of vegetable origin, obtained by a technological process of extraction from Yerba mate, guarana and green tea.

Royal Elixir™ 

Cosmetic active obtained by a meticulous process of concentration of nutrients extracted from the royal jelly. Its exceptional concentration of nutrients restores hair, providing benefits such as elasticity, strength, texture, silkiness and improved combability


Active capillar cosmetic that blends the benefits of red tea and hyaluronic acid.


Revolutionary cosmetic active that acts on the cutaneous barrier enhancing

its natural defenses through its prebiotic action contributing to the welfare and

health of the skin and scalp.


Cosmetic phytoactive developed to prevent premature aging,

caused by blue light (digital devices) and visible light (like the sun)

affecting both the skin and the hair


Phytoactive composed of zinc peptides, and six plants, which work synergistically with the zinc peptide, decreasing the factors that help the production of dandruff




Line of high purity hydro glycolic botanical extracts based on vegetable glycerin, made from selected species and certified by specialized extraction and concentration techniques.


Line of high quality and purity oils. They are obtained by an innovative process of cold pressing followed by an oily extraction with natural oils, which guarantees the preservation of all its nutrients and organoleptic characteristics.



Line of high purity proteins, obtained after successive purification processes from a controlled hydrolysis in order to achieve peptides of average molecular weight, which ensure an optimum substantivity on proteins of the skin and hair. At the end of the process, the proteins of the NOVAPROT ™ line are subjected to an activated carbon treatment achieving products with better organoleptic characteristics.



Dual action natural scrubs. The mechanical exfoliation is provided by micro particulate material of vegetable origin (seeds, husks, etc.) that is impregnated with various natural substances, which give it an additional exfoliation mechanism.

  • Novascrub™ Rice


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